What is the Metric for Success? CPI, CPM? ROAS?

I encounter lots of vendors who say they can get us more paying users however, I found out that all they can do is drive low-quality traffic to my app. Is this the case for Bango or do you actually drive paying users to apps/games?


Hey Manco. I guess Bango would not be in a good position to answer this!
Surely it depends on your situation.

The CEO of my brothers startup is driving for as many installs as possible - series A round pending - so he is insane about cutting CPI - he has a $65,000 budget and needs to get a million installs to get funded … TGHT JOB!!!

My VP has a P&L. He asks me to get as many paying users as I can looking forward into Q3 (6 more weeks left!!!). I have been focussing on investing to get CPA - as many paying users as I can, and I am monitoring those users for next quarter while I get money now (actually my team is trying to get them buying more STARZ. The revenue is more important to him now, but I expect he will shift to ROAS to push to profit in Q4.

Bango is great for CPA and ROAS. Always gives a better result and Bango is cheap if you use it for that.

Bango works against CPI - CPI should go up - because it focusses your marketing towards the juicy users, and these are the ones that everybody is prepared to pay to reach …



Brycecanyon explains the situation well.

If you want to maximize ROAS (return on spend) or reduce CPA (acquire paying users less expensively) - use Bango Audiences.

If you want to reduce CPI, then this is not likely with a Bango audience - but you can potentially use a Bango audience to reduce CPI if you use it to “exclude” the most valuable users …
… more in this alternative use of Bango Audiences soon!


Hey Bryce,

When I first came across Bango I did what I normally do with vendors - asked them for a low CPI model. My UA team are judged on how many installs we get so everything we do is optimised for acquiring as many users for the least amount of money. All our optimisations are geared around that and we measure with detailed analytics. Sometimes we optimise UA campaign settings daily.

After speaking with these guys they explained a different model which doesn’t really fit with the way we do things here. To paraphrase, they said “do you want revenue or users?”. I want both of course. If I acquire enough users then revenue targets are achieved through sheer volume of users. For the apps I work on, around 2% of the users make IAPs. However they bring in around 70% (slightly less) of the overall revenue. Bango was promising more of these users but at a higher CPI. We have a certain amount of budget to try new things, so I gave it a shot. On the basis that if the results are s**t then I’ll just move on.

Conversion rate went from an average of 2% to 5% and ROAS for campaign was below our KPI for 7 days attribution window but on target after 15 days. So my experience is that I had to be willing to try something different and wait a little longer.


Hi Harry (?),
Very interesting to read about your experiences. Thanks for sharing with the forum.

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Just to say - my team found that at first CPI rose faster than conversion so our 14d ROAS was actually down compared with our own best audiences - even when lookaliked. However, it turned out that the LTV was about 2x higher (longer dureaction / more engagement) so after about 3 months we realised we should use some more. They worked well for LTV as well.

Segmenting is also a good step to take - but you have to become a long term Bango Partner AFAIK


Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you have been using Bango Audiences for a while so your experience with them is going to be valuable with the community.

I’m interested in finding out what kind of ‘segmenting’ you did you? Obviously please only share non confidential data.