What is an effective mobile user acquisition strategy for an indie developer with a limited budget?

I’m Interested in using one of your audiences? What budget would you suggest I use for a 30-day campaign using a Bango audience? I am a small strategy games indie developer. $2500 - $5000 per month on FB?


Hello Chadders.

As a rule of thumb, smaller spenders that are looking to grow their business seem to invest about 10-20% of their Facebook marketing spend on targeting using Bango Audiences, and see significant improvement of ROAS (Recoup, Yield, Paying User Growth, LTV etc.).

I would recommend starting off with a small investment of about $1000-$2000 on an audience that will give you a reasonable initial size to target - ideally you dont want CPI to rise too much by sharp focus - and try half your spend for 10-14 days then wait to see the conversion uplift 1D, 7D, 14D, maybe 30D. Then adapt your spend and maybe decide on a broader or more segmented audience or shift your country coverage. (Athough with a low spend I guess you are focussing on one country?)

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