Lookalike or custom audience - which is better

Which is better to get, a custom audience or lookalike audience? Are you able to try both?

Can I request a bigger lookalike audience?

You can experiment with different audiences that are available at bango.ai - audiences can be tested for as little as a day.

When Bango can shares two types of audience for your campaigns.

An audience generated by the bango AI system using payment data from Bango and approved Bango partners. In Facebook this is shared with you as a CUSTOM audience.

An audience that is generated by Bango AI, then processed by Facebook to expand its reach, and is ten tested by partners and the seed of the audience is refined to increase yield, is called a Bango Lookalike or Bango LL audience. In Facebook this is shared as a Lookalike Audience.

Generally a CUSTOM audience as fewer prospects in it, with a higher conversion rate from install to pay. Because the audience is smaller the CPI will generally be higher, but the overall CPA will be lower due to the increased conversion rate.

A Lookalike will be much bigger, typically 100,000 or more prospects. Also, the exact behavior of teh lookalike is influenced by Facebook systems which are “black box” and so can not be predicted by Bango data scientists. Generally CPI is lower with a lookalike. They work well and have a high improvement when used to focus your campaigns but you need to test yourself to see how they compare with CUSTOM - which can be up to 9 times the conversion rate and 5x CPA