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My App is in the kids section so I am prohibited from using any identifiers that connect to a device. This is a problem for me as I have no way to tie sales to promotions and I am missing out on using Facebook to acquire users. How can i overcome this and what can Bango do to overcome this. Thank you.

Hi Fruitster,

That’s a tough one. If you don’t have any way way to identify the device then you cannot identify who clicked on the advert, installed the app, paid in the app. This a problem that goes beyond Bango Audiences and applies to any advertising you do on Facebook.

The only way you can test if Bango Audiences increase the conversion rate to paying users is to run the Facebook advertising campaign during a period where you are NOT running any other campaigns. Then monitor your internal payment data to see whether you get an uplift in payment conversions e.g. if you normally get x installs and y payments when no campaigns are running (this is your organic payment conversion rate). Then see how x and y vary during the period when you run the campaign.

Hope that helps


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Gracias Guy, estaré en contact - Fruit

Good information thanks for sharing

Good information thanks for sharing
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