Conflicting info on UA

not sure if this is the right place to post, but you might have advice! i’m reading lots of different viewpoints on whether it’s better to do UA before thinking about monetization or whether it’s best to do them together. what do you think? monetize from day 1, or get installs first.


Hi BOB, Welcome to the Bango Forums.

Lets assume you are a business that wants to generate revenue at some stage (vs providing a free service like a governmant Covid tracker)

All installs cost money to get.

The conventional approach (pre Bango) was to spray money to get installs and then hope that a proportion of those users (typically 5-10%) can be persuaded to spend money if they have it.

The “revenue focussed approach” is to use Bango Audiences to only market to users in your demographic who have proven to pay for other apps, and then the probability of them actually paying is much higher (they are proven to have money).

Advice to start-ups by people with a great track record in successful games is “You need to prove that you can profitably acquire paying users” if you want to raise money for growth.

The best way to do that is to launch into a Bango audience.

You can always target outside the Bango audience and expand your marketing to users who have not paid for apps later, if you think that adding installs that don’t monetize is also important (perhaps in the hope they will remember their great experience and return later).

The good news is that if you can generate revenues efficiently using Bango Audiences, then you will have more money to use in “spray and pray” if you decide to do that later.

Think of it like leafletting a town to launch a pizza business. If you could put your first batch of leaflets through the doors of homes where pizzas have been delivered, rather than at random across all homes, you would probably do that! Bango Audiences give you the option.


Thank you. that all makes sense. i like the pizza analogy!