Bango's Lookalike?

What’s the difference between my Lookalikes and Bango’s lookalikes? What makes your audiences ‘better’?

When you use Facebook to create lookalikes using your data (for example lists of your previous customers), Facebook finds more users close to the ones you already know about.

Bango audiences are created from a very extensive collection of customers within the segment, for which Bango has consent to use in look-alikes.

For example, a Bango lookalike will contain potential customers that pay for content from your close competitors, and your Lookalike will comprise potential customers that are close to your existiong customers - so you might be missing a huge audience of possible customers that have money to spend but have not yet discovered an app like yours.

In general, use your own lookalike to fine more customers of close to the same type you already have, based on your history / legacy, use a bango lookalike for revenue growth and finding new groups of customers you might never reach.