ABO or CBO? Does Bango have any advice on this?

I came across this YouTube video about CBO and ad set budget optimisation today. The guy said that I should do adset Budget optimisation rather than CBO. Does Bango have a position on this? Thanks :slight_smile:

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This is a very interesting video and full of some useful information - when trialling our audiences we advise that CBO is turned off so that you can give your ad-sets using the Bango audience a good chance for testing. If you have CBO turned on when running multiple ad-sets (some including the Bango audience and some of your own audiences), similar to what is mentioned in the video, more budget may be allocated to your own audiences because the Facebook algorithm is already familiar with your existing audiences and targeting, you would need to add spending caps to ensure this doesn’t happen.

When first using a Bango audience, while in a testing phase, we recommend keeping CBO turned off and optimizing at the ad-set level, Should you become an unlimited customer (using larger audiences over a longer period of time), you can look at turning CBO on as you scale up.

I hope this helps answer your question Chadders.

~Neena, Digital Campaign Strategist at Bango

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Thank you Neena. Very informative